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Decathlon, retail sports brand rebranding

Branding News: Decathlon unveils new fresh brand identity

Dear Amigos, Decathlon unveils a complete rebranding, introducing new aspirations, a redefined positioning, and a…
Kerning vs. tracking, typography terms for graphic designers

Kerning vs. Tracking: All you need to know

Dear Amigos, As you already know, we can’t stop talking about typography, we are obsessed…
Stop using Pinterest as a Graphic Designer, Creative Resources for Design Projects

Why Pinterest is Bad for Design: 4 Critical Reasons

Dear Amigos, I know many of you visit Pinterest before starting a creative project. But…
poor things win 4 oscars in the academy awards 2024.
Poor Things, 4 Remarkable Oscars: Most Stunning Film in 2024
Frab’s Magazine: Milano’s New Store for Editorial Wonders
Akira Toriyama, rest in peace. Dragon Ball Z.
9 Wonderful Manga to Remember Late Akira Toriyama for
8 ways to boost your creativity, expand your productivity as a designer
10 Easy Ways to Boost Creativity
Women in Graphic Design, Graphic Design History
10 Remarkable Women Designers Who Made History
5 free fonts, digital nostalgia, Y2K, free resources or graphic designers
Best 7 Y2K fonts filled with digital nostalgia – Free Download
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How to win clients and make friends on the way

How to Win Clients, and Make Friends on the Way

Dear Amigos, Ever wondered why sometimes, whether it's clients, team members, colleagues, or even your…

Futura Typeface: Top 4 Reasons Why It Shaped History

Dear Amigos, Ever heard about the Futura typeface? Of course, you have. A historical typeface…
design glossary, what is open source?

Open Source Fonts Licensing and Use: What You Need to Know

Fonts are everywhere, they play a fundamental role in communication and are the main pillar…
How does ChatGPT Work? Grasping Its Full Impact on Creatives
Tips on how to make the perfect design portfolio, advice for designers, design projects
How to Make the Perfect Design Portfolio
Oscars, The Academy, posters that caught our eye, 2024
Best Movie Poster Design of The 2024 Academy Awards
Illustration of a typography lover finding all the free fonts she was looking for.
Best 7 High-Quality Free Fonts for Designers in 2024
Type foundries every designer should know
Insider Tips: The Best Type Foundries with Open Source Fonts
Slot machine showcasing different types of fonts
Typeface Vs. Font: All you Need to Know
Illustration using the artistic use of a mockup that showcases the sky in a cube.
Elevate Your Designs: What Are Mockups?
Illustration of Nokia's rebranding, showing how the old logo transforms into the new logo.
Rebranding Nostalgia: The New Nokia Logo and Strategy
Illustration showcasing First thing First manifesto
The Manifesto Every Designer Should Read: First Things First