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Dear Amigos,

Since the beginning of the millennium, technology has advanced in ways we never thought imaginable. Well-designed interfaces and near-perfect functionality are part of our everyday lives through most of our digital devices, but we’ll never stop missing the stretched fonts and laggy menus from our old early 2000s computers.

If you want to revisit the Y2K (year 2000) visual paradise that we left behind 20 years ago, these free fonts are the cherry on top for your next project.

Cageroll was designed by Jorge Villareal, a graphic designed based in Austin, Texas with experience on motion graphics, video editing and 3D modelling and design. This font was inspired by PS1 racing video games, although it also reminds us of Tamagotchi and other digital toys of that kind. It’s free for personal and commercial use, and you can download it through this link.

Designed by Max Lillo, Néo-Castel combines the audacity and intricate details of Gothic letters with the vibrant, tech-driven spirit of the Y2K era. This creates a captivating typeface that blends sharp, angled lines with futuristic, digital embellishments. We think it could be a perfect match for a medieval adventure game (capable of running on Windows XP, of course). Registered through a SIL Open Font License, you can download it here.

This font was designed by Alina Sava, who created it for a WordPress theme inspired in Windows 95. It was inspired by MS Sans Serif that, as a consequence of low screen resolutions, appeared pixelated to the eyes of W95 users. We’ve actually used this font before and we love it! Free for personal and commercial use, you can get it from this website.

If you still had any doubts after reading its name, this font created by Indonesian designer Naufal Muhammad Haiqal was inspired by retro-futuristic videogames from the early 2000s. It feels like what we thought the future would be like. Y-1999-K is free for personal and commercial use and you can find it Naufal’s Behance project.

Array, free nostalgic Y2K font for graphic design projects

Designed by Norwegian typeface designer Frode Helland, Array is a font family created for Fontstore and available in the Fontshare library. Ideal for experimental graphic design, it’s also suitable for electronic displays, print, and online editorial projects, particularly those where large font sizes are needed. Download Array here.

Asix Founder, free nostalgic Y2K font for graphic design projects

Asix Founder is part of a free font bundle from designer Misteik Franco  who creates Y2K inspired typographic explorations, optimized for logo design. Our personal favorite was Asix Founder, but you can get the whole pack through this link.

The Authentic Sans family family was designed by Christina Janus and and Desmond Wong for the Authentic type foundry. The condensed style reminds us of ancient days on Microsoft PowerPoint, when we enlarged our text through the top anchor point and it became a new font by how stretched it was. However, Authentic Sans simulates this experience with careful and well-constructed Y-axis management, creating a subversive visual experience. You can learn more about this font and download it through the Authentic website.

Humans are not capable of reversing time (yet), but we certainly that through using any of these amazing fonts in you next project, you come close to discovering time travel. Please remember to ALWAYS read the font’s license before using it and to lawfully honor the designer. See you soon, amigos!

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Hasta luego, amigos!

Yours truly,

Ariana Irady