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Dear Amigos,

You may know this by now, but we’re absolute nerds for typography. Endlessly inspecting the internet in search of the best fonts out there is one of our favorite activities. That’s why we decided to select five A-M-A-Z-I-N-G typefaces for your next project. The best part? They’re free to use. So buckle up and scroll down to know more about our selection and their incredible creators.

One of our favorites here at ATOA, Apfel Grotesk is a standout sans-serif family (like, look at those beautiful lowercase a´s) recognizable by its geometry and neo-grotesque inspiration. Released in 2019, it was designed by Luigi Gorlero, includes 5 styles and its licensed under SIL Open Font License (free for commercial use). You can find in Collletttivo, a wonderful collaboration-based open-source type foundry, through this link.

Highly contrasted serif family created by Maksym Kobuzan, and shared by Tunera Type Foundry. Nyght comes in three different weights + their italic version. This exciting font received the Typographic Excellence Certificate award in the 69th edition of the Type Directors Club competition. Lucky for us, and thanks to the designer’s big heart, this typeface is Licensed under SIL Open Font License (free for commercial use). You can download Nyght Serif here.

If you´re looking for a taller alternative, Ostrich Sans is a condensed sans-serif family, with a variety of styles. It was designed by Tyler Finck back in 2011 and it’s licensed under the OFL — the Open Font License (free for commercial use). You can access Ostrich through The League of Movable Type, one of the first open-source type foundries bringing us amazing fonts since 2009, by clicking this link.

If you’re feeling more like a script kind of person, we recommend Bajaderka designed by Beata Kurek for Warsaw Types. Its typical calligraphic details reference traditional signage tablets from Warsaw, Poland. Featuring a single style, it’s licensed under the SIL Open Font License (free for commercial use). You can access Bajaderka though this website.

Lineal is a heavily geometric sans serif family originally designed by Frank Adebiaye and constantly updated by Anton Moglia and Ariel Martín Pérez from the Velvetyne type foundry, another one of our favorites here at ATOA. It features 7 weights and its licensed under the SIL Open Font License. You can take a look at Lineal by using this link.

Instrument Serif, Free Font Download

Instrument Serif is a condensed display font that bridges the gap between timeless elegance and contemporary appeal. This condensed design allows for tighter letter spacing, making it ideal for headlines and large displays where capturing attention is paramount. Designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Jordan Egstad for the Instrument brand, you can download the font here.

Lexend, Free Font Download
Lexend isn’t just another font family. It’s a collection crafted with a specific goal in mind: to reduce visual stress and enhance reading fluency. Originally conceived by Bonnie Shaver-Troup to assist readers with dyslexia and those who struggle with reading, Lexend’s design principles proved surprisingly beneficial for everyone. Get the font through this link.

We hope you finished this article as excited for typography as we are, and that our selection can help you find the perfect match for your next project. Please remember to ALWAYS read the font’s license before using it and to lawfully honor the designer.

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Hasta luego, amigos!

Yours truly,

Ariana Irady