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Dear Amigos,

Frab’s Magazine & More recently opened its doors to its third store in Italy, located in Milano. This enchanting shop specializes in independent and collectible magazines. Founded by Anna Frabbota in 2019, it offers a unique blend of magazines and cultural events, with a curated selection of editorial products that make significant contributions to culture and art.

Working with magazines in 2024 constitutes an act of resistance against cultural decline, aiming to spread knowledge and free thought. It’s no secret that creating an editorial product, let alone publishing a monthly or yearly magazine, is a significant challenge. Doing so requires a leap of faith and represents a love letter to humanity. Our favorite podcast on this subject is The Stack by Monocle, where you can tune in and discover all the behind-the-scenes stories of the most intriguing editorial projects and magazines out there. Frab’s is part of this wonderful universe.

Despite the dominance of digital media, Frabs  Magazine & More stands firm in its belief in print. This project celebrates the beauty and sensory experience of physical magazines. Operating both online and in physical spaces in Milan, Forlì, and Rome, Frab’s aims to support publishers by showcasing quality editorial projects. With a focus on design, tactile experience, and sensory elements, the project seeks to captivate readers and reignite their passion for printed publications.

You can check out Frab’s in the following locations

Milan, Via Sirtori, 11

Forli, Via Dei Filergiti 1

Roma, Palazzo Brancaccio Via Merulana, 248

Or just check out their online store! We strongly advice to visit their beautiful spaces!

Printed magazines are making a comeback, so be sure to ride this wave with Frab’s and stay ahead of the most curious and wonderful projects out there. Frab’s Magazine & More waits for you!

Yours truly,

Camila Curiel

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