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Dear amigos,

The first few months of the year mean the award season (the best of seasons) starts kicking off. Along with rooting for our favorite creators and performers, we thought of showcasing our movie poster selection, in terms of art direction, for the nominated movies in this 2024 Academy Awards. Consider this as our very own graphic design red carpet, exclusively curated for you.

1. Asteroid City

Movie poster for Asteroid City
Photo: Sony Pictures

As usual, Wes Anderson has curated a specific look that makes his work memorable, and Asteroid City is no exception. Wes Anderson’s art direction and Designer Erica Dorn once again blew our minds. The font used in this poster was crafted by the graphic design team led by Erica Dorn and it works alongside a wide universe of graphic resources to create a distinctive 50’s American aesthetic. Wonderful movie poster.

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , Google Play, Apple Tv, among other platforms.

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2. Saltburn

Movie poster for Saltburn
Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Featuring a stunningly created kaleidoscope effect,  Saltburn’s movie poster (directed by Emerald Fennell) makes an appropriate translation of its genre, psychological thriller, to the visual realm. The font used for the title is Salium by FG Studios, inspired in a blackletter style. The photography work for this poster was made by Sebastian Faena.

The poster is not the only astonishing aspect of this movie, the art direction is gorgeous as well as all the graphic language used around in the film.

Where to watch: You can stream this movie on Amazon Prime , it is included in the regular Amazon Prime subscription.

3. Poor Things

Movie Poster for Poor Things
Photo: Searchlight Pictures

An outstanding movie poster, for an espectacular movie. Between the unforgettable face features of actress Emma Stone and the surrealistic image composition, the Poor Things (directed by Yorgos Lanthimos) poster could easily belong in any art museum. Crafted by graphic designer Vasilis Marmatakis, the poster features the lettering work of illustrator and calligraphist Vladimir Radibratovic.

Another interesting aspect from a graphic point of view is the visual identity applied in the movie, from the intro to the chapter divisions, this characteristic communication is an excellent example of graphic design applied in the movie industry. 

Where to watch: Not yet available online, according to Esquire Magazine “Because the film was distributed by Searchlight Pictures, which is owned by Walt Disney Studios, Poor Things will stream on Hulu sometime after that”. So stay tuned!

4. Priscilla

Movie poster for Priscilla.
Photo: A24

Priscilla (directed by Sofia Coppola) takes extreme care in how to portray time and insert the viewer in 60’s American aesthetics, and its poster is no exception. The delicate calligraphic main font is Altesse by Jean François Porchez, released by Typofonderie. The secondary font is Latin Wide, designed by Stephenson Blakev in 1883, which was very common in the 50’s and 60’s album cover design industry.

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , I am afraid is only available in the U.S. region for the moment.

5. The Pigeon Tunnel

Movie poster for The Pigeon Tunnel.
Photo: Apple TV+

This expressive movie poster created for the Apple TV+ documentary The Pigeon Tunnel (directed by Errol Morries) was made by graphic designer Matt Wiley. It features a cut-out monochromatic collage composition with an intriguing detail: the background made out of Morse code.

Where to watch: You can stream this movie on Apple TV.

6. Barbie

Poster for the Barbie Movie showing the main actors standing on a giant pink "B" letter
Photo: Warner Bros

Beyond clearly being the biggest blockbuster of 2023, Barbie (directed by Greta Gerwig) created a cultural phenomenon that made everyone reach into the back of their closets for pink clothing. The poster makes a giant homage to Barbie’s 1975 logotype featuring their most iconic character, the B, as a platform to showcase the starring actors. Fabulously typographic.

The movie poster screams “Hollywood”, but it’s overall interesting how the graphic aspects of this historic brand were put into action, not only in the poster but in the whole universe of the movie from an art direction point of view.

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple Tv, among other platforms.

7. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer movie poster, showing the main character standing before a bomb explosion
Photo: Universal Pictures

In total contrast to Barbie and sharing the same release date (creating the famous Barbenheimer trend), Oppenheimer (directed by Christopher Nolan) features Gotham Bold as the title font, and the silhouette of Cillian Murphy, dressed as his character, contrasts with the smokey textures of the nuclear bomb. A subtle and recognizable visual resource. A more “classic” approach in terms of graphic design, but nevertheless interesting. This movie poster didn’t have the first place in our hearts, but it did won best movie of 2024. Bravo to the team!

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , Google Play, Apple Tv, among other platforms.

8. The Holdovers

Movie poster for The Holdovers
Photo: Miramax

The Holdovers is a comedy-drama film directed by Alexander Payne. The poster successfully recreates a 70’s aesthetic through color choice, photo treatment, layout, and especially the font choice, ITC Souvenir Bold, designed by Ed Benguiat as a revival of Souvenir (originally designed in 1914 by Morris F. Benton) and released in 1970 by the International Typeface Corporation. The movie poster design as well as all the graphic design work included in the movie was in charge of Nate Carlson, you can check the whole project here.

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , not yet available in all regions.

9. Anatomy of a Fall

Movie Poster for Anatomy of a Fall
Photo: Le Pacte

Anatomy of a Fall (directed by Justine Triet) brings a minimalistic yet impacting movie poster, effectively using the snow as white space to create a contrast with the crime scene that opens the movie. The main font used in the poster is Deutschlander, which was designed by Dennis Ludlow for the Sharkshock type foundry.

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , Google Play, Apple Tv, among other platforms.

10. Beau is Afraid

Movie poster for Beau is Afraid.
Photo: A24

Beau Is Afraid (directed by Ari Aster) features the main character Beau Wassermann (Joaquin Phoenix) in different stages of his life, always wearing gray silk pajamas with his name broided in the front pocket. The main font used in this poster is a custom work of Chips Studio, which was inspired by the lettering work of the Italian fairytale book “Storied Italy” (Mrs. Hugh Fraser, 1915).

Where to watch: You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime , Google Play, Apple Tv, among other platforms.

11. The Sweet East

Movie poster for The Sweet East.
Photo: Utopia

Designed by Célie Cadieux, the poster for The Sweet East (directed by Sean Price Williams) features a vintage look through its grainy effect and paper texture. The main title is displayed in American Scribe which is a reproduction from the caligraphy of the American Declaration of Independence made by Three Island Press foundry.

Where to watch: Apple TV.

12. Society of the Snow

Movie poster for Society of the Snow.
Photo: Netflix Spain

The poster for Society of the Snow (directed by J.A Bayona) shows an impactful sight of the Chilean Alps to compare its size to the lonely figure of one of the victims, captured by still photographer Quim Vives. The main font is Garamond, a serif typeface created by Claude Garamond, an engraver in the 16th century.

Where to watch: You can stream this movie on Netflix.

We would love to hear your shortlist, please feel free to email us at , also regarding the streamings and “where to watch” each movie, please take into consideration that it may vary from country to country. We know we have Amigos all over the world. As usual, we hope this was somehow useful. Stay tuned and spread the love.

Hasta luego, amigos!

Yours truly,

Ariana Irady